Follow Me - Hololens Emergency Evacuation Training
The Follow Me team has built an augmented reality tool that saves lives; a fire drill training application.
Traditional fire escape drills are critical for saving lives, but have several inherent problems. They are highly disruptive to class or work schedules, are time consuming and costly to organize, and safety information retention is abysmal. Participants go through the motions passively, and aren’t engaged in a way that ingrains the procedures into their memory. More problematic, there is no documentation that an occupant has completed a drill or retained the information. They could be absent, new to campus, or a new employee, and a fire emergency can happen anytime.
Our implementation is cheaper and less disruptive than mass fire drills. The app enhances learning retention by using gamification, multimodal teaching, comprehension acknowledgement, and repetition. The entire process can be automated through existing people management systems to schedule and complete training modules, log results, and trigger annual recertification.
For the hack, we have achieved a functional fire drill training module. For fun, the app is stylized for kids, but a full build could easily swap in age appropriate styles. We have implemented 3 skill tests, and a single exit path from an assembly space to outdoor safety. The exit path was authored by generating the spatial mapping mesh from Hololens, and although not yet implemented, a full app would include “authoring” mode to enable a building manager to easily create the modules themselves by recording as they walk each exit path and place the safety skills along that path from a prefab library. We’re excited for everyone to try it out, and who knows, maybe what you learn will save your life someday.
Justin Chin
Unity Developer - Programmer
I am happy that educational institutions and business centers are increasingly conducting evacuation training. We can't know if or when a tragedy will happen, but we can prepare ourselves for coordinated actions in emergency situations. My child's school also purchased evacuation chairs so that if necessary, they could quickly help those who can't cope on their own