Fliiby - Android App
Fliiby is photo & video sharing app for amazing content creators around the world with built in content monetization possibility. Upload a photo or video, follow other creative artists, get photography and video production tips, share and monetize your content. Every time you open Fliiby , you'll see new photos from your friends plus breathtaking photography, videos and music from creative people across the globe. -Upload & share photography -Upload & share video -Upload & share music -Monetize photos -Monetize videos -Monetize music -Discover inspiring photography and creative art -Follow photographers -Follow video producers -Follow musicians, DJ's -Follow Drawing artists, illustrators Monetize your Instagram, Prisma and other manipulated photos by Photo Filters, Cartoon Photo Filters, Retrica and Snapchat photos & Animoto, Vimeo, Youtube videos. We would like to thank our users for their content and promote Epygraphy and LiliyaNazarova Since their content is on our App Screen shoots.
Nemanja Divjak
Unity3D Developer - Programmer