FlickBack: Redux
Published 3 months ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Fast Finger-Flicking Fun! Out now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
Improve your reaction time with the frantic, fast-paced experience that is FlickBack: Redux. Swipe multicolored tokens in the correct direction… but don’t take too long! Unlock 120 challenging levels across 4 unique modes, each specifically designed to test your reaction times and hand-eye coordination. Start off simple with “Standard” mode, then increase the challenge with “Mover”, “Spinner”, and “Chaos” mode! Earn gems by performing well in each level and use them to unlock new modes, awesome skins, and additional power-ups. Have you got what it takes to compete on our global leaderboards and prove you have the fastest fingers in the world?! Tokens come in 4 different colors and will stay active for increasingly short periods of time, so you have to act fast. Collect the special gold power-up tokens and trigger their effects when you chose. Slow down time, increase token frequency, or activate both together for some epic high scores! So, are you ready to put yourself to the test? FEATURES - 120 challenging levels - 4 unique modes - Advanced reaction time and accuracy stats - 30+ exciting achievements - Global leaderboards to complete with friends - Gem economy with no pay-to-win tactics - Increase your reaction time - Improve you hand-eye coordination
Gary Pettie
Gameplay Programmer and Game Designer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS