Flexible GUI / Movie
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FlexibleGUI is an optimized solution for making a flexible world space canvas which can be curved from -360 degrees to +360 degree.
Very easy and quick to integrate.
Easy VR integrated solution for Felixible GUIs.
Easy playing movies over curved surfaces.
  • Mouse integrated.
  • VR Mouse integrated.
  • HTC Vive integrated.
  • Oculus integrated.
  • Gaze integrated.
Simply add the Flexible GUI script to your canvas and you're set.
Features :
  • Bend canvas in horizontal cylindrical, vertical cylindrical, spherical shapes.
  • Text Mesh Pro supported.
  • Curving angle ranges from -360 to 360.
  • Best suited for VR devices.
  • VR controllers ray casting implemented.
  • Mouse interaction in VR mode implemented.
  • Gaze interaction implemented.
  • Highly optimized.
  • Works with mobile devices.
  • Easy and quick to integrate.
  • Works with personal edition.
Please direct any questions to :
Diamond Box
Unity3D - Programmer