Interactive childrens' book for iOS and Android tablets (2013)
'Flederhund' (2013) is an interactive children's book created in collaboration with my husband, artist Jeff Murphy. Jeff and I wrote the story and created the images collaboratively. While he did the layout the physical book, I created the interactive version in unity along with the sound design. I published it for iOS and Android, but please note it no longer works on most devices since I pursued other projects in the interum. *** In 'Flederhund' Quinn looks for his missing dog Barley in Central Europe, while Barley looks for Quinn. Friendly strangers help the two along the way, as they encounter strange creatures, troublesome squirrels, and wondrous landscapes. In takes a journey through half a dozen countries for the two friends to find the true meaning of home. The beautiful graphics include images of notable sites in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Poland. 'Flederhund' is an interactive children's book created by artists Heather D. Freeman and Jeff Murphy.
Heather Freeman
Generalist: artist, animator - Educator
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