Advanced Rendering Tutorials
Updated 3 years ago
Introducing Advanced Rendering Tutorials
Having finished my Rendering tutorial series, I have now begun publishing tutorials in the Advanced Rendering category. While the Rendering series covered Unity's built-in rendering pipeline and standard shaders, the advanced tutorials go beyond that and cover more specialized functionality.
The first advanced rendering tutorial is Flat and Wireframe Shading. It introduces screen-space derivatives and custom geometry shaders, using then to apply flat shading and a wireframe effect to any mesh.
The second tutorial in the series is Tessellation. The concept of subdividing triangles into smaller ones is straightforward, but getting that to work on the GPU is nontrivial. We'll have to create a hull shader, a domain shader, and a patch constant function.
The third tutorial is Surface Displacement. It combines tessellation with vertex displacement to create more interesting surfaces. It's like parallax mapping, but better.
Tutorial four is Bloom. It covers the bloom post-processing effect, which can be used to make things appear to glow, or for other artistic effects.
Tutorial five is Depth of Field. This is a post-processing effect that simulates camera focus.
Part six is FXAA. It covers the classical anti-aliasing algorithm, how to recreate it, and how to tune it.
Part seven is Triplanar Mapping. In it, we adjust our shader include files to support working without vertex UV and tangent vectors. Then add a generic surface approach and use that to support triplanar texture mapping.
Jasper Flick
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Jasper Flick
3 years ago
Independent Developer & Writer
markp-unityHey @Jasper Flick - what are your thoughts about running some of your tutorial series in tandem over here? Message me sometime :D
I publish the tutorials on my website, so I can use the formatting I like and tweak or fix them easily, which I do a lot. So there's a single canonical tutorial without inconsistent duplicates I have to worry about. I post about them here as well (and in other places), but as stubs that link to the full tutorial.
3 years ago
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Hey @Jasper Flick - what are your thoughts about running some of your tutorial series in tandem over here? Message me sometime :D