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Published 8 months ago
Our story
1994 was a year of remarkable events. The Romanian football team, led by captain Gheorghe Hagi, has achieved the best performance in history at a World Championship. Sony launched the PlayStation console and radically changed the gaming industry. And Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa after 43 years of apartheid in this country. It is also the year when Flanco, the creation of the entrepreneur Florin Andronescu, opened its first store on Calea Mosilor in Bucharest. And the moment when we started looking for our way to the hearts of the Romans.
We knew from the beginning that we wanted to bring the newest and most modern technologies as close as possible to families in Romania. We have grown from 1 to 50 stores in just the first 5 years of existence. From electronics, to home appliances and IT products to telecom and lifestyle products, we've built our product range through the mission of making people's lives lighter and more beautiful. A beautiful mission, but not at all easy. Fortunately, we already had in the DNA the entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability and creativity that only a Romanian company is free to practice.
We introduced the idea of ​​an electro-IT store on large surfaces. I made pioneering in consumer credit. We created concept stores with dedicated gaming, beauty, or event venues.I invented the credit with the bulletin. I was among the pioneers of online commerce. We launched the Black Friday phenomenon in Romania.
But we also crossed moments. The 2008 global crisis has been a hacker. We had to go into reorganization next year. Let's restructure ourselves. Let's close stores. Let's get the rows.
Because of this process in which we have redefined our business fundamentals, we have learned. Let's listen to our customers better. Let's just understand that our mission does not stop at the cash register. Let's see them smile at our customers and after they buy from us, always giving them something more than expected.
Did we use these lessons? If we look at the fact that Flanco has set an unmatched record so far, managing to exit the reorganization process in less than a year, we think the answer is obvious. Not at all, shortly after, Flanco entered again under the wing of another pure-blooded entrepreneur, Iulian Stanciu.
Who is Flanco today? The most dynamic electro-IT retailer in Romania, with stores in over 90 cities and the owner of one of the most important online stores in the country. Since founding and up to now over 5,000,000 families have bought from Flanco . I mean, I brought the smile on my lips to a much larger number of individual clients. Our range of products includes laptops, refrigerators, mobile phones.
In all years from 1994 to today, regardless of ups and downs, our mission has remained fundamentally unchanged. We have just added another level to this: making them easier and more beautiful for people and by guiding them through the avalanche of brands, offers and technologies to choose exactly what suits them. And we go before you do not get on this road.
And as a 100% Romanian company , the guides that guide us are the values ​​in which the Romans excel: creativity, adaptability, competitive spirit and the habit of doing a lot with little.
Because yes, Flanco is a Romanian brand since 1994!
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