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Hello, we are ConcepCube (CC) team making a game.
We gather as a team to practice various learning, such as development and technology study. Among the many team members
As a program team, Kim Tae-hoon, Song Young-min and Yoon Hee-beom took part in the project as a total of 4 people.
Our team was in trouble from the start of the project. It was an incredibly short time because I wanted to participate in the challenge after hearing about it with only about 3-4 days left.
We involved because we believed that it would be a good experience for the four developers.
When we decided to start " Neo Challenge, ". We didn't have any availabe asset, os we seach on Asset Store and Turbosquid. We don't have enough time, so we just buy many assets. And we can't use almost. Cause we didn't any research. Art team was confused by Assets, and Program team was confused by Unity Collaborate System. We're wandering and brave so we can finish challenge. If second challenge was opened we must particiate. Our team ability and teamwork was improved.


FIRST BRAIN –lost memory-
The story begins with a robot who has lost her memory of who she is.
When the background of a future city opens up and it stops past a dark building, it finds the back of a woman and her house discovering an experiment in a secret place with lots of monitors and bed equipment. The man gives off a peculiar air and beckons as if to say, don't worry.
Whereas a woman who is overweight seems so sick, a woman who tries to look down on her body and changes her mind.
He screams as he looks at the machine arm. And it all seemed to be a nightmare, and it began with the face of a woman who woke up from her dream, and it was the beginning, not the end.


Scene1) Text Animation
Almost people make text animation in After Effect. but we have 2 excellent programmer. we make text animation in Unity. But coroutine didn't work in Timeline. so we just use coroutine in Start() Function and control on Activation.
Scene2) Robot Close up
The first femail robot is very charming. but that have so many mesh. We try to optimization. but we failed. So we bought another asset.
Scene03) City
We like this scene. So we spend almost time in this scene. We did the best.
Scene04) Lab
We want to good atmosphere, so we add door animation, fog, and particles. And we adjustment PostEffect value and Reflection Probe.
Scene05) Woman Face
I was satisfied with the pretty lighting on my open female face, but lost.
All scenes have been re-produced at least two or three times.


I used a cinemachine-dolly and cart to make the movements of the airstrikes in the City scene. It is impressive that the part of the path following can be done intuitively and quickly without code. The time of the object's movement along the track was specified in the timeline and Cinemachine set the virtual camera to follow moving object. It was a great scene with just a few drag!

The scene in which the robot looked at its arm was made by setting the target of the virtual camera as the hand of the robot. The way cameras move naturally can be very difficult, and the noise function in cinemachines has relieved this burden.

In addition, postprocessing volumes were installed to adjust the values of the depth of fields depending on the scene, and the background and subject bodies could be easily separated in real time without code.

All of the characters' animations were produced using UMotion Editor Asset. Because of the time shortfall, we wanted to create an animation that worked independently of the modeling, and UMotion Editor satisfied this need. We produced animation able to apply Humanoid model in Unity Editor. and was able to identify in real time from scene. animation clips, made by the asset, play on a timeline, and blending between each animation to naturally switch over.

Developer Introduction

Programmer Kim Tae Hoon
Use Tool : Unity 3d, C#, HLSL
He’s been developing with Unity for 3 years and interested in expandability of Unity because He noticed that Unity could be used for game development as well as for various content development. He is an engineer, but care a lot about art as well as technology. So he decided to participate Unity Neon Challenge in order to improve artistic sense.

Programmer Song Youngmin
Use Tool : Unity3D, C#
Skill : UI Animation, Sub Lighting, Sub PostEffect
Coment : Actually, I'm almost developed 2D game in Unity. But this time, I learn about 3D knowledge like PostEffect, Lighting, the others. It's really interesting. I can say it's valuable time in my life. This challenge is very useful to me. Thank you for Unity.

Disigner Song xiu
Use Tool : 3D max , Photoshop , Unity
Skill : Concept art, Mapping, Directing, Storytelling
Coment :
Unity is still too hard.
But it was fun and a big actor.
Through this neon challenge, we will continue to study the direction of production and the video production using Unity.
Thank you!

Disigner Yun Hui Beom
Use Tool : 3D max , Photoshop , Unity
Skill : Modeling, Rigging, Animation,
Coment :
As much as creating something from nothing. It is also difficult to create something else from the one made.
Unity is very good at creating something else with the help of various people.
I am still someone who needs help. But I will be able to help others someday.

Although there are many regrets, our team often wants to see events like the neon challenge.
Thanks for Unity Technology.


  • 여성 로봇 모델링 (female robot modeling) :
  • 남자모델링(male modeling) :
  • 남자 의상 (male costume) :
  • 테이블 (table) :
  • 수술실 조명 (operation light) :
  • 여성 모델링 (female modeling) :
  • Battleships :
  • Dark city :

Youngmin Song
Student - Programmer
7 months ago
Dmitry Kutcenko Lead 3d designer - Artist
looks beautiful, i like it :)