Fisherman's Wharf
Updated 2 years ago

My name is Kaz and I am 14 years old. I created the entire environment myself, and didn't use a single asset (except for standard assets). My friend Dylan created a short song to go along with our video. We both live in Canada, B.C. We are always looking to take on challenges and game jams for fun and experience.

Fisherman's Wharf takes place in the future where all space on land is used up, and humanity spreads out into the Ocean.

Assets used:

  • Standard Assets Water4
Custom Assets:
  • Everything else!

Post Processing Effects:

  • Depth of fields to add a slight amount of blur in the distance
  • Bloom to make the lights look more like lights, and to bring life to the scene
  • Ambient occlusion, color grading, and exposure to give everything a "sharper look"
  • Motion blur to make the people and fans look more realistic
  • Anti-aliasing for a sharper, cleaner look.

Cinema machine:

  • Create better camera motion
  • Camera Movement


  • To play people animations and for moving them
  • Fans spinning
  • Grass swaying in the wind

First Step: Design and concept.

Loosely Inspired by a place in Victoria B.C.

2nd step: moddelling

3rd step: decorations, materials and lighting

From there I added materials and lighting. I like to keep everything to solid materials and no textures because I was going for a low-ish poly look

Step 4: Create the rest of the buildings

Then eventually it turned out something like this: