Fisher Eskimo
Teaching kids how to order numbers in a fun way!
Mathematical skills are vital and necessary not only for a child’s school success but also for various other areas in their life and future. Sadly, it’s a fact that nowadays mathematics is the lesson children fail the most. Besides, the cognitive capacity and the attention ability of a child is a determinant in their school success. As a child’s ability to concentrate on a stimulus and overlook other stimulants develops, their academic success increases as well. Learning, for the children of nowadays, is more appealing with gamified digital education materials. Fisher Eskimo enables children to connect with the numbers differently and to practice while entertaining. What are the achievements? • They recognize the numbers • They practice comparing and ordering numbers, starting with 3 options until 6, through levels that get more difficult. Fisher Eskimo is a game that improves Visual Sequencing within the scope of Visual Perception exercises. • They learn how to order jumbled numbers. • They learn judging, reasoning and ordering numbers as well as developing an arithmetic sequence logic in a fun and amusing way while doing the exercises presented in the game. How do special children benefit from the game? Fisher Eskimo, which is a game designed considering the needs of the children coping with Dyslexia (Reading/Special learning disability) and Dyscalculia (Mathematical learning difficulty), is developed in an entertaining way using Dyslexia typeface and taking into consideration the educational treatment principles so to improve learning and attention skills. Generally, Attention Deficit is along with these disorders. Therefore, it’ll help children with attention deficit and learning disabilities.
Ali Emre Soyluçiçek
Game Programmer - Programmer