Firecracker Fight
Published 2 years ago
In development
iOS; Android
Firecracker Fight is a little bit of a physics sim, and mostly the thrill and terror of throwing lit firecrackers with your bare hands. You get a bottomless sack of explosives to fight off endless waves of radicalized toy trucks and tanks. You can get your hands on it by January 2018, on iPhone and Android, as a free to play game with some very reasonable, optional purchases.
​If you're tired of mass-market games extorting your money, try Firecracker Fight, because it's designed to be free and fun to play all the way through. Instead of forcing you to buy single use items to beat hard-mode, premium training passes teach you inhuman reactions you can use over and over. Of course if you want to buy more M-80s in the game than you'll ever need, you can do that too.
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iOS; Android