Finding Rusty
Published 3 years ago
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Side-Scrolling Platformer
Finding Rusty was the second group project I worked on at Falmouth University. We were given two key words (Ice and Robot) and 4 weeks to create a game of our choice.
Our team settled on a 2.5D platformer where you play as a robot in the lonely arctic tundra trying to collect pieces of a dog in order to build himself a companion. The mechanics of the game were fairly simple; move, jump, pick up, break.
You had to navigate obstacles such as ice blocks, falling icicles, slick patches, spikes and platforms in order to complete the 3 levels. At the end of each level you had to pick up a piece of the dog, starting with his head, then body and finally his heart. Upon completing the game you are able to see the dog being built and coming to live before Rusty's very eyes!
For this project I was the sole programmer so I had to create the game's base mechanics which were then tested by the designers in order to make the gameplay feel as good as possible given our experience and time given.
Game completed: November 2016
Created at Falmouth University by:
​Kyle Shepherd
Ethan Bradley
Viktoria Nestorova
Charlie Tancock
Conor Rice
Dominic Kennedy
Krasena Nedelcheva
Nathan Fisher Mantej
Sophie Shepherd
Kyle Shepherd
Programmer - Student
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