File://maniac - a cyber-thriller detective game
Updated 5 months ago
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Mac; Windows; Linux
A pixelated puzzle game where you need to alter game files, explore the game directory and hack the puzzle solutions.
File://maniac wants the player to focus on exploring what’s behind the scenes by destroying the screen barriers and understanding how to bypass the limits imposed by the game. File://maniac was born during the Global Game Jam 2019. We had a lot of fun during the development, so we decided to polish here and there, adding extra content as well and publishing it for free on and Game Jolt. Our intentions are to develop "File://" as a series of episodes, creating unique settings and puzzles for each of them. This detective thriller will make you dig into the darkest meanders of your PC, losing yourself in a digital sea of nostalgia and wonder. Your friendly neighbourhood developers, Born frustrated Studio
Jami "Red" Salati
Game Designer - Designer
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Mac; Windows; Linux