Fetch And Learn Luna Free
Are you looking for fun educational games for your preschoolers and young kids? Download Fetch and Learn Luna now! Play the fetch game with Luna, the cute and energetic puppy. Learn letters, numbers, colors, and animals. Your young kids will enjoy the alphabet game and all preschool activities in this exciting playschool. A free version is available with age appropriate ads and the paid version removes ads altogether. Parents are always looking for the best learning games for kids and preschool activities that will boost their child’s development. The game must challenge their basic skills and knowledge but they must also be fun to play. Young kids from age 2 to 5 learn better when they are playing and having fun. That is why we refer to our fun, educational games as playschools. They can learn and play at the same time. Your preschoolers can have a great time and improve their cognitive skills with us. Kids also love animals, especially cute dogs and puppies. In Fetch and Learn Luna, we introduce Luna, a playful and energetic pup who always loves to play fetch while you learn. There are series of questions with three options. The child should pick the ball with the right answer to throw it for Luna to fetch. Play Mode - PLAY FETCH WITH LUNA In this fun, educational play mode, young kids can play a fetch game with Luna, the adorable puppy. Tap on the correct ball for Luna to fetch. The preschoolers can choose to answer questions about: Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Colors, or all subjects. There is no need to download a separate alphabet game. In this app, your kids can learn colors, animals, and other basic skills and knowledges. Learn Mode - NUMBERS AND LETTERS In this playschool section, the preschoolers can learn about alphabets and basic numbers. The narrator will read the alphabets and numbers aloud. The letters and numbers are accompanied by colorful objects to keep your young kids interested. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER GREAT FEATURES OF FETCH AND LEARN LUNA: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Very simple and intuitive to use. • Great colorful graphics and changing backgrounds that will appeal to young kids. • Support child development with age appropriate preschool activities. • Learn colors and other various subjects in one learning game for kids. • Upbeat and fun background music. • Enable or Disable Music, Sound Effects, and Voice. Since there are various subjects in Fetch and Learn Luna, you can teach your toddlers many things at once. They can learn letters and colors. You can also teach them about animals and numbers. When the kids give wrong answers, we also use encouraging words so they can try again and pick the right answer. We want every toddler and young child to enjoy playing with Luna and learning things. If you want a fun, educational game for kids that supports child development, download Fetch and Learn Luna now! Your preschoolers will love it and everyone will have great time!
Bismy C Jose