Felonious Fowls
Published 9 months ago
In development
A game where your instincts are a curse as well as a blessing. You are a pigeon, who has gotten fed up with how you're treated and are seeking revenge; but also food. Light stuff on fire, but do keep an eye out for sources of nutrition: they can be attractive, and give you precious nutrients, but sometimes it is best to avoid them...if you can.
A timed puzzle game, where you have one goal: make sure everything burns!
Sounds simple enough, but you might be surprised how hard it is to play with fire without getting burnt.
Use items you pick up in the level to bridge gaps that might arise, or increase your efficiency. At the end of the day, performance is based on the score you get at the end. You can boost this by lighting multiple objects in quick succession, as well as by keeping the fire spreading to maintain your combo.
Keep an eye out for any danger. You can get burnt, of course, but there might be other trouble waiting for you. You can hide in bushes and behind objects to break line of sight. This can also come in handy when you want to avoid succumbing to your instincts.
The game is currently in the closed pre-alpha stage, more a proof of concept than anything else. Hopefully more people see the potential in it, so I can make it into a fully fledged game.

William Altbacker
Games Programmer - Student
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