Fat Punch: Making a better pig
Updated 2 years ago
The king bacon is coming on the scene!
When we started designing and prototyping Fat Punch, our chubby little main hero has been the first thing to receive first visual shapes. A simple farm animal turned alcoholic bruiser capable of delivering one liners as sharp as dropkicks received first name soon after that. We have introduced Pig Chlebowski not long time ago in its separate article, so let’s not go too deep. For now!
However we have made few iterations to make our bowling king extra readable and much more consistent with the quality of our latest art assets. Basically all move sets have undergone significant changes while preserving simple nature of the player’s character. As you can see through the snippets visible in this article, humanoid contours are now dominant!
Let’s demonstrate the changes through the simple idle animation, where the differences are most visible. First of all, Pig now stands slightly taller and is less chubby, which improves the overall position on the battlefield among other characters. And since he now looks like a regular father of three, translating the changes of the body while standing is much easier.

Previously, only visible movement was in the upper part of the body, which in the wake of juiciness coming from the environments did not look good enough. We added some belly movements, stream of rich hair waving upside down and pointy ears clapping the fat cheeks!
The most drastic changes are visible on the movement side, where Pig now walks basically like a normal human being. Before you point your angered finger, this is cartoon, alright? Stuff gets much crazier later on. Besides, when did you see farm animal punching a guy and then throwing up, hm?
You can witness the transformation from bipedal animal to hyper angry Balboa-like werepig (if such word exists…) through charging heavy punch, where we are exporting strong hit through 23 frames of pure fat, muscle and artistic pornography. The main goal at this case is to provide significant visual difference between normal a special attack.

Then there are normal hit combos, jumps, special attacks or death animations as well, but let’s talk about those next time, okay? As a reward for your time wasted on reading this, feel free to download your new favourite “Bowling King” wallpaper in all its 4K glory right here!
And what’s our immediate focus right now?
  • Separating levels to different scenes
  • Pathfinding and AI
  • Level-building tools and data structure
  • Pure beauty and greatness!
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