Fat Punch: Building a 2D level
Updated 2 years ago
When levels tell better stories than your grandpa!
As the first thrown punch connects with the face of the first enemy in Fat Punch, its twisted world, where animals retaliate against oppressing butchers, starts revealing its cryptic beauties. On your journey, you will travel through various environments but everything starts at the farm!
But this is not your normal farm, where animals chew on wheat and farmers stroll around the fields, scorched by the endless sun. No, this is the world, where pigs drink until they drop dead and cows supply whiskey instead of milk. Not so typical dream ends, when butchers invade the party under the moonlight and start kidnapping your friends, colleagues and other not-so-anonymous alcoholics.
Night version of the farm is the first level that player walks through and its purpose is to set the tone of your journey. There is a layer of twisted humour smoothly connecting with underlying evil, strictly defined by the group of meat-hungry protein based butchers with very direct, yet still secret intent! Its not only the story and characters that narrate the tempo of the game. Environments has its own say in this as well…

When the game begins, you are already in the middle of the chaos. Punches were thrown, throats were cut and sheeps were stolen. The main road is lit with the trash and dusty driveway connects the old farmhouses that now look like a crime scene. Pools of blood are clear indication of the meat syndicate already running their show here. Farm is a combination of low animalistic morale and pure violence, where blood tastes just like alcohol, that leaves your body after the solid belly punch.
From the technical side, Fat Punch is utilising 6 layers of the assets with parallaxing to achieve that extra crispy spatial effect in otherwise purely 2D level. Foreground is dedicated for the objects super close to the camera, just like trees covering your movement or other immediate obstacles to fully draw the atmosphere of the punch-heavy road trip.
Then there is the main road, designated arena and walking space for all characters, where all the action takes places. Most of the surroundings, like trash, bodies and fences are located in its own layers, that is directly connected to the road itself. Everything behind the fence, including landscape, horizon and sky are by definition unique layers containing its own set of assets and backstories.
The most busy is the landscape, which contains the most details and actually tells the story of itself. On the farm, you will see burning barns, silos on the verge of existence, decaying forests but also the immediate danger of the enemy invasion. First hit is the pure definition of the journey ahead - relentless, full of anger and ready to kick ass!
Dying Pixel
Marek Vitvar