Fat Punch: A Pig Reborn
Updated 2 years ago
Meet Pig, unlikely hero with anger issues and sharp hoofs!
Designing main character can be quite intimidating task, especially when building huge RPGs or high-end story driven games, that not only have to evoke very specific emotions in the players, but also make certain sense. There is no point in mentioning specific titles - I bet that as you are reading this, there is already a bunch of your favourites appearing in front of your eyes.
Let’s face it, we are a group of three people who decided to make their own game, so huge story based stuff is out of the way. We are also not very smart either so there is no point in pretending! In fact, we are quite simple human beings! We like our beer, burgers and primitive humour just as much as we like games and fantasy violence. At the same time, these are all the things, that we are projecting into the Fat Punch, our new beat’em up brawler!
A very simple idea of playing as angry, old, alcoholic pig that came up as a joke, slowly found its way to the surface almost a year ago. Pig Chlebowski is one of the two playable heroes in Fat Punch, worn out farm animal, that couldn’t care less about… well, anything else but his bottle and fading bowling legacy! And yes, as you may have already noticed, we are huge fans of The Big Lebowski!
Playing as a pig? Really?! I told you, we are not smart. However there is a certain aura of farms, countrysides or downside hillbilly-like culture that is captivating and that we are aiming to highlight in Fat Punch. As the ideas started flowing from the discussion on the paper and from the paper to digital form, even the Pig had to be updated over the time, evolved in its visual style.
We basically started with very cartoonish mock-up that made Pig a nicer character, than it actually should be. Than it deserved to be! We are talking Saturday morning cartoon nice! However we are also talking about the hero that beats the heck out of the living human beings, throws up on demand and produces cynical one-liners every second. There is a certain level of rotten character inside that had to be combined with typical animalistic rage piling up over the years.
Character that may not be likeable but has to fit within its world composed of butchers kidnaping animals, rednecks grilling anything that moves and other specialties that we introduce in upcoming weeks. As you can see from the sketches, the initial pitch was reminding a style of Cow and Chicken cartoon and slowly progressed to more deprived, exhausted and overall “used” character.
The changes in aesthetics are subtle but overall bring much more sense to the world of Fat Punch. More muscles, increased height and cleaner humanoid shapes help to translate that mix of rage, hatred and solid punching. Visual style also allows us to go crazy with the whole move set. Our goal is to create a logical and consistent art style but also not restricting ourselves too much.
This is Pig Chlebowski and he is looking forward to meeting you in Fat Punch!
Dying Pixel
Petr Strecker
2 years ago
Game Dev
Vitor EnesVery nice character design! The style of the character reminds me (positively) of Cow, form the Cow and Chicken cartoon series. Also, I love the humour. Keep it up!
Hello Vitor, thank you for the feedback. That cartoony style combined with certain level of twisted humour is the thing we are going for. We are looking forward to showing you more stuff! :)
Vitor Enes
2 years ago
Very nice character design! The style of the character reminds me (positively) of Cow, form the Cow and Chicken cartoon series. Also, I love the humour. Keep it up!