Fashion Revolution

After inserting the money and selecting their size, customers were surprised to see a video start playing on a 22” HD display fitted into the plexiglass. They watched shocking scenes from textile factories of women and children sewing without a break, paid only 13 cents per hour for working under life-threatening conditions.
After 20 seconds, an option appeared on the touch-screen display to either continue with the purchase and buy the t-shirt or donate the 2€ to Fashion Revolution instead.
Project was based on small PC connected to Arduino, which was connected to the vending machine. The vending machine was running on MDB protocol, developed by coca-cola more than 30 years ago.
Tricky part was the 9 bit data frame. Most of protocols run on 8 bit frame, fortunately AVR microcontrollers have access to the 9th bit through shift registers. Additional tweaks in arduino standard library allowed to gain control over vending machine.

Kamil Chruściński
Senior Interactive Developer - Programmer