“Realistic!! ★★★★★ Man, this thing is realistic!! I swear it plays just like the ones in Seaside, OR! I wonder if this app can help me improve my game on the real machines. :)”, said Tallwes. “Just like the real thing. ★★★★★ This game is great! It’s just like the real game we used to play at Indiana Beach. It is just missing Helen the game attendant to powder our balls”, said MrBoosh1. “Very well done. ★★★★★”, said Unhappyclicker. ☆ The classic American boardwalk game is reborn for iOS! ☆ Incredibly realistic physics simulation creates the classic twirling ball action from the real game! ☆ Fascination is as simple as a game can be. Just roll the ball down the table! Each hole the ball goes through turns on a corresponding light on the board. Get a line of five lights, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win! But watch out, you’re not alone! Other players are racing to get a line first! ✪ Bonus tickets are awarded for the special red and yellow lines! ✪ Use the tickets you win to buy awesome prizes that further enhance the game! ✯ Fun for all, small or tall, as long as you can roll a ball! ✩☆Fascination☆✩
Frank Tinsley
Developer - Programmer
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