Farrah Rogue - Zero Hour
Updated a year ago
In development
Farrah Rogue is an experimental first-person shooter that recreates the chaos and mayhem of classic couch-multiplayer games we know and love. Bring your friends back to the couch with extensively interactive levels, unpredictable and strategic weapons, and the ultimate in-game customization experience.

We want to challenge the way that the FPS genre should be experienced and enjoyed. Exploring colorful artwork and interactive levels, Farrah Rogue explore the possibilities of what these games can be. Join us and break down the barriers of the FPS genre!
My role on the team of three was as the game's programmer. Working alongside talented 2D and 3D artists, I wrote the core gameplay and contributed to game design exploration during the development process. The goals of the project were to create a competitive but action-packed couch shooter, reminiscent of N64 GoldenEye but with a sci-fi twist.
Due to complications on the Ouya platform, the project is currently on hiatus.
Jonathan Chien
Game Programmer - Programmer