Farmer's Market 3018
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Neon Challenge


I'm Francesa Castellanos from the United States. I have been working in the video game industry for 18 years for various companies in Southern California and Austin, Texas. The past 10 as an Environment Artist. This is my first time using Unity. I saw the challenge on social media and thought this would be a fun project to learn the engine.



I hope to follow the kitbashing process from the Neon example using marketplace pieces, and limiting custom made pieces for my scene. I am taking a scene from George Simenov's work to create a story for me to white box in the editor.
The white box will serve as a structure where I will find pieces to kitbash and help me set up a bare bones lighting pass.
Kitbash the scene, then find characters for animation.
Add post and volumetric lighting.
Create my animated post sequences and create a final shot.
My purchases:
  • Sci-fi Laboratory Kit 1.5 Velkin Labs
  • Assault Cyborg 1.0
  • MCS Female: Deadland Survivor 1.6.2
  • Sci Fi Space Drone PolygonR 1.0
  • Video Capture Pro 1.0.7
My free downloads:
  • Corridor Lighting Example Unity Technologies
  • MCS Female 1.6.4
  • MCS Male 1.6.4
Unity essentials:
  • Post Processing Stackv2
  • Cinemachine
  • Timeline
Any selfmade props will be done in Modo and quickly pipelined through subtance.

Concept- Marketplace Post Apocalypse

Its a thousand years from now. Wars have waged and technology has moved forward, but nothing to prevent global warming. How does the human race get food? Agriculture has become a solid source of revenue. Its hard to come by and difficult to protect from pirates and poachers.
These larger carriers that were once used for another purpose are now moving farms. They can house animals or become ecosystems for produce. Families live and grow on these vehicles. Turning these large structures into mobile "land" has made this type of life nomadic.
This scene takes place at a pop-up marketplace where people will sell and exchange goods for a small period of time. In this scene a family is taking harvested crops and using this bakery to make edible goods.


Final Day

The beginning of the week I went on search of new characters. I was surprised to find an abundance of well executed pieces.
My problems came when some of these pieces were not adjusted for the Timeline tool. I was able to insert and use them, just got a handful of errors during build. My suggestion would be to categorize these asset packages for newcomers like myself. Of course now I know to test build first before getting carried away with the fun of editing these characters.
Oh and yesterday came a build that deleted DXT9 select ability in the player settings all together. Thank you!
I was not able to create a final piece for my modo addition. I left it as is and added some AO properties to help it fit better.
After creating my timeline sequences I went back in and set dressed those areas. I used the animated post work to help me make a more finished look.
All in all I am impressed with this engine. Now that I have all these pieces I look forward to making more art in my free time to satisfy the soul!

Final Week
This week started with some volumetric lighting and post. Having come from other engines I found these tools were straight forward. The volumetric lighting package I chose was the one used in Adam. I think I figured out what the fog ellipses are for but it would be nice to have some documentation.
I was having issues with an older unity bug regard DXT9 player settings. It took me a bit to figure out what was wrong. In reading the documentation I was surprised its still in the engine.

I also started in Cinemachine. This tool is FUN. I have an idea on how I want to set up my video and thus am flushing out the areas I want to concentrate where I want to create some story. I uploaded Post Processing Stack v2 and oh wow its nice to be able to change things on the fly in conjunction with Timeline.

Week 3
Continued building out forms. Reworked proportions on some areas. Created a main light source and added post.
Blocked out piece in Modo with correct proportions. Experimenting with a focal frame that is more organic because at this point the scene seems very stiff.
I started laying in a post process profile (Post Process Stack v1) to see if this could help me loosen up the scene. Up to this point I have had no errors and everything is moving seamless.
Week 2
I have been concentrating on the kitbashing aspect of this project and where my story viewpoint is going to be. Its an emphasis on the area in the light.
The architecture "large shape" set for my structure has been decided on.
The vehicle I have experimented around with many pieces. I have decided to build out a some geometry on the vehicle in Modo.
Week 1
I spent a few days getting used to Unity setting up a rough blockout on the concept art. I pulled pieces from the marketplace packages I have collected thus far. I pull them into the scene and really start thinking about sets for larger shape reads, and sets for medium detail.
Thus far Unity is the same as any other engine. No complications!
Francesa Castellanos
Concept/3D Game Developer - Artist
Game Developer
Nice Job, congratulations and good luck!
Concept/3D Game Developer
Nathaniel VenturaHi there! Your scene looks great. Just a quick reminder for your video the Adam models should not be used. If you’re just participating for fun then no worries.
Hi Nathaniel, Thank you for letting me know, i just looked back over your rules and seemed to miss this!I am completely new to your engine and marketplace. Can you point me to a marketplace package that I can use in place of this one. Did I miss a set on the suggested resources from marketplace page for this contest?
Nathaniel Ventura
2 years ago
Product Marketing Manager
Hi there! Your scene looks great. Just a quick reminder for your video the Adam models should not be used. If you’re just participating for fun then no worries.
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Nice updates. Is that a character from Adam demo. Please see no content from adam is allowed. Make sure to replace it. Keep up the good work :)
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Good work :) I would say keep the overall scope small for now. Add details and some nice effects to get it done by 15th. Good luck. You can always expand it later on for personal project work.