Fantasy Mirror Development Record
Updated a year ago
Fantasy Mirror Beginning
Fantasy Mirror Version 1.0 , My first Unity3D App Package was submit to Unity Store in 2018.12.24.
Fantasy Mirror Version 1.0.1 was submit . It repaired some asset files format and reorganize the all assets to accord with Unity Store regulation in 2019.1.12.
Fantasy Mirror can render a mirror image of scene against a virtual mirror in real time.
It can also project a mirror image of GameObjects to another Plane GameObject .
Someone can also create the polishing floor, wall or other buffing planes mapping the environment, like marble, in your scene by Fantasy Mirror.
Only adjust some parameters, the mirror plane will present different effects completely. It's very simple and convenient.
I hope this little program will bring convenient for all developments who use it.
Yi Zhen
Freelancer - Other