Fantasy Finger Football
Updated a year ago
In development
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Android; iOS
Fantasy finger football is a realtime multiplayer mobile game with the gameplay similar to pool games. Collect team of heroes with special abilities and defend your enemy in PvP and PvAI battles!
This is the game I made as contract work for Noxgames company. I worked with them as a programmer and I made MP core, gameplay, menus and backend for this game. This game has been made with Playfab and Photon frameworks.

Tools/frameworks used:

Unity, Visual studio (C#), Photon Unity Networking, Playfab

My work on the project:

  • gameplay and menus programming
  • meta-game programming (meta similar to Clash Royale type of games)
  • programming of MP core with the usage of Photon framework
  • backend programming with the usage of Playfab services
Jakub Miculka
Freelance game developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS