Fantasy Bump Ativador Download [pack]
Published 2 years ago

Fantasy Bump Ativador Download [pack]

About This GameFantasy Bump is a parkour party platformer for 1-6 players that mashes single-screen battle shenanigans with super JRPG feels. Choose your job class and out-jump your opponents in each bumptastic game mode with oodles of stages to choose from over a host of fantastical locales.Leap to new heights of glory in this, the legendary Fantasy Bump!~ The Many Modes of Fantasy Bump ~The finest games in all the world await!Bump Match - take each other on in stock or timed matches, it's bump or be bumped!Color Dash - fill the stage with streams of your team's color before time runs out!Crown Command - wear the crown as long as possible but beware, all wish to be king!Gem Rush - collect gems and bump them loose from rivals as the clock ticks down!Grand Chase - race to the end of twisty & trap-laden courses, don't get left behind!Tourney Royale - fight your way around the Bumplands tournament-style!~ The Many Features of Fantasy Bump ~Cross-platform Multiplayer for players to connect and compete regardless of OSMulti-gamepad Support so up to 6 humans can bump on one machineStreamlined Controls for perfect play with arrow keys, WASD or any four pushablesFinely-tuned Platforming with the most maneuverable jumps this side of SamusA Continuous Play Experience where the explorable town is all the menu you'll needCute 'n Charismatic Pixel Art that's a heartfelt tribute to the 16-bitted beforetimesA Chiptune Soundtrack loaded with catchy melodies and heroic themesAchievements & Trading Cards to round out the Steam experience~ The Many Funs of Fantasy Bump ~With its riotous multiplayer, charming cast, spit-shined controls, color-laden worlds and filled-out feature set, Fantasy Bump from Gigatross Games expands on the best that retro has to offer with all the modern trimmings.Get ready to bump with the best of them! d859598525 Title: Fantasy BumpGenre: Action, Casual, IndieDeveloper:Drixxel SoftPublisher:Drixxel SoftRelease Date: TBA Fantasy Bump Ativador Download [pack] granblue fantasy bump of chicken. final fantasy zero bump of chicken. fantasy kingdom bumper boat. fantasy kingdom bumper car. final fantasy bump of chicken. fantasy fair bumper boats. bumpy fantasy arcade. fantasy bumps. final fantasy xi bump mapping. final fantasy bumper sticker. fantasy football bumper stickers. fantasy fair bumper cars
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