Famine Ties
Published 23 days ago
A video game about the Great Famine in Ireland during the 19th century.
“Make the Great Hunger in 19th century Ireland an understandable topic for children between 10 and 13 years old”, that was the ultimate goal of this project. The final product would be playable in Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum, in Hamden, Connecticut. Quinnipiac University asked us to work alongside two of its brightest students of the BA in Game Design and Development program. Julian Papasian would work on the code, while Katie Rosell provided the art.
– we played with the idea of comparing the 19th century Great Famine with malnourishment today. The player would take up the role of a young woman called Cait during the Great Famine, as well as her present day descendent Liam.
The game unfolds in turns, which each represent a full day out of the year. The player gets presented a selection of cards, which hold the food options for each turn. As Cait this could be some spoiled meat, blighted potatoes, and watered down soup. For Liam this might be a slice of pizza, a bowl of cereal, and a granola bar. Each option has its effect on the health of the character, which is influenced by three gauges – one for protein, carbs, and fat. The goal is simple: keep both characters alive. However, actually doing that, isn’t as easy.
Talia Goldin
Rapid prototyping is our game! - Manager