Famine Harvest
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Windows; Linux; Mac
Simulation of the harsh realities of farm life
On this project I created a lot of the 3d models and created the basic layout of the game world. This game was also created with VR in mind with as low a number of polygons as possible to maximize performance. With any luck, this project will see a release for Gear VR, as it is generally well suited toward those requirements.
I also served as producer, managing time and assigning tasks to a team of my classmates at DePaul University. The game focused a fast-paced game loop that would give players a sense of the game.
I had created a simple player model for another project and imported that character into the game, adding and modifying it to serve as a simplistic viewmodel of the player's body. I also created the animated non-player characters of the bird and pig. The bird acts creates part of the challenge in the gameplay, by coming to eat the players well-tended crop. If the player is not careful to ward off the bird, they will not have enough food for their family and one of their family members (memorialized by the Ket Yosef's beautiful portraits) will perish.
This project was created in a little over the period of about 2-3 months.

Anas Azmi - Programmer
Ket Yosef - Artist
Jadyn Becker - Programmer
James Steele - Sound Designer
John Clark - Animator/Producer
JohnHenry Clark
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Linux; Mac