Family of sea
Published a year ago
Family of the sea
A mother with children waiting for their dad to go home.

The process of making:

A few days ago, i try to learn Amplify Shader Editor. After watch it's official tutorial, i focus on screen depth, and try to make a depth fog. And i success.Then i try to make a move to make a water.
After that, i continue to move on to modify it, and i found it like a sea. So i duplicate it and rename it to sea shader and add some vertex wave to it.
I have study how to generate wave on mesh, so it become a little bit famliar to put it on shader, I add two type of waves: 1. center wave 2. plane wave. Then i use plane wave on the sea shader and a sin random wave up and down.
Then i try to add foam and specular lighting mode to it. After two days, i made it.
The most perfect personality urges me to continue, but i just don't know how to add reflection on water, i am thinking but still don't get it.So i try to see the cg tutorial and write some notes. I found the caustic effect can be add.
Then i try to think about the competition. I have almost no modeling capabilities...I open the zbrush and try to draw something. It shows me:
There are idea come to my mind. I want to turn it into a gourd, the put the gourd into the center of sea, and make a cartoon human, point his arm to the gourd mountain. All can be a great effort dream topic.
But I failed to model the gourd...So this dream is unable to reach. I close the zbrush and open Sculptris. The Sculptris is much easier than Zbrush, i want to make a animal.
Then i find out it is not that easier for me. So i change my mind, i want to make a simple 3d model. I think it is a ufo (just a disk).
Click Paint button to make it uv. Then i export it to obj and import to unity3d. I once learned a plugins called Surforge.So i use it on this UFO:
I can't change the uv, so i try to add some detail and poly lasso to it's scene UV.
Then i find it has eyes! Nice! Then i modify the position of his nose.
Add a box model to it's disorganized UV, Thank you surforge! It makes he smile.
I try to change the material to many kind of combine.Then i am thinking what is the theme of this dream? An idea come to my head. I will put four UFO to represent: 1. Life 2. Death 3. Sad 4. illness.
So i import all the combine textures and materials to unity3d. I put the UFO into unity and make a terrain, modify the terrain a lot of times, add multiple texture for it, So it looks like a terrain.
I feel so embarrassed that I can't draw the texture at all, and this effect is too different from the Surforge project.And it is not suit for the 1. Life 2. Death 3. Sad 4. illness. So i try to rotate the face down, then i think maybe i can make a UFO crash scene.
This big UFO crashed into sea, then its alien friends come to find him.
I feel there is no breath of life in this scene, and i will not draw textures for the face, I don't know what to do next...
I began to aimlessly rotate the UFO.
The final idea come out, it is mother who lead her child and wait for their father!
I change the material and adjust more her childrens. The final is:
It's nice to finally do something. :)
Xiang Jin
游戏制作人 - Producer