Fallen Sanctuary
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Final Shots


-Amplify Shader
-UBER Shader
-Unity Particle Pack
-Post Processt Stack V2
-Colorful FX


I'm Jeryce Dianingana and I'm going to share with you my process for this environment that I called Fallen Scantuary for this great "Neon Challenge".
I can't really participate and win any prices cause I live in Quebec,Canada but I can't miss the opportunity to do this, so here I am just for fun and to share this amazing experience with you people !
Hope you will Enjoy

Concepts References

I took a look at the concepts from Georgi Simeonov and I really l fell in love with that one.
Those big simple concrete shapes are really interesting, and those symbols on it give a really mysterious touch to the scene.

The overall lighting ambiance is great but I really wanted to create a Night scene so I will take this occasion to try that.
I'm going use a minimum of Assets from the store to give me some challenge and train myself.

Lighting Test
I have some interesting picture of nighttime in my city, It will help me to understand how the materials, fog, and other things react at night. I love How the emissive react at night, how they guide the eyes of the viewer

WIP 01

For this scene I will try to only use TextureTile and Trim created with the help of Substance designer and Painter to give the scene a feeling of unity in the colors and in term of composition.
Here's my first draft for a building that I called the Temple

I'm really happy that Unity created this, it is a good opportunity for the Unity users to show the power of this engine.
Good luck to everyone who's participating in this challenge and see you soon for the next WIP

WIP 02

I made another building last night (Slept at 4am !) and tweak the Color grading to get closer to my real-pictures references. The textures are still in WIP but you can already see where I'm going to.

WIP 03

Hi everyone, I didn't post a WIP for a moment cause of Christmas Holidays! Merry Christmas by the way!
New Triplanar Shader
With the help of @Amplify Creations and their Amplify Shader, I have now a Shader that allows me to use 3 Texture set with the vertex painting, something that I love is that the 3rd one that I called the "Dirt texture set" is using a Triplanar projection feature, it's perfect for the Snow!

Bricks !
I practically finished all the textures that I needed to do the architecture and I made Bricks that I can place all over the environment as a support for the textures
I need To finish a Second view and other buildings that i'm going to put in the background.
I don't know If I will have the time to find a super extra Camera path but I will do my best.
I love the glitters of the Uber shader !
Colors / Lighting
I'm still not very sure about the Colors/Color Grading, Usually I'm helping myself with a music, like a theme for my environment to find the right tone, but I didn't search any song yet. So I'm a little bit in Freestyle here.
Lighting: Mixed Lighting mode for the Fire, The directional is in Realtime and the Environement lighting in Baked.

WIP 03

  • Stalagtites
  • Floors details
  • Lighting Update to focus more on the Emisiv building

Jeryce Dianingana
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Kutsenko Dmitrii
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Wow wow, epic art style, i like it
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package file I mean
Level Designer
to import
Level Designer
do I just move it to the asset folder? cause theres no project file
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Im not sure how to use the volymetric lights