Fallen Ruins
Published 2 years ago
A catastrophic event that occurred in the very future has distorted the earth’s core leaving fragments of Earth pieces around the atmosphere. The planet is no longer a complete entity to live upon. Despite of these odds and losses of lives, humans have managed to rebuild the civilization once again.

The Beginning

Deciding the concept was the most crucial stage. I had to go through a lot of references. The initially idea was completely different. But nailing it in the given amount of time was a tough process. So i opted for another concept. Below is the ref i used for Concept:
The idea was to build a civilization on floating lands. This image was a great reference for the idea i wanted to come up with.
Its been long i have worked on 3d. So lighting a scene in unity was a completely new process. But learning it was fun. The Post processing stack and Cinemachine that was introduced in unity is what turns out your game to a cinematic.

The Journey

Getting free assets was a complicated part for me. There were limited number of assets that i could have been actually able to use to creating what was in my imagination. Although i managed to get some free assets that helped me out with this project
  • Post Processing Stack
  • Cinemachine
  • Rocks and Boulders 2
  • Low poly sci-fi building set 1.0
  • Sci-fi battery pack free
  • Sci-fi modular environment
  • Sf imperial Corvette - not from asset store
  • Generic Frame Recorder - by unity - Github
  • BG Music - The Courtyard - 51 room tone 3
Some of these assets i had separated them into blender so i can use them as i want. There might be some assets i have not mentioned as i don't remember where i had downloaded them from.


The End

The Overall Project was fun. Will surely be learing more of lighting in unity. And all the best to the amazing works thanks to Unity Neon Challenge.
Vishal Kambli
Game Concept Artist - Artist