Fall of the Cryptobank
Updated 2 years ago
We welcome you to the aftermath of the Fall of the Cryptobank
For the Neon Challenge we wanted to portray a dystopian future where Cryptocurrency conquered the market.
With the world economy becoming more crazy instead of free and safe, insurgents forces rose till they managed to crush down the CryptoBank. You are now inside the stage from where one hacker led the revolution and collected trophies from the clash.
Up to you to discover them.
Comments are very welcome!
We hope that you enjoyed the challenge as much as we did. Unity, please make more of this: that's a great way to share knowledge and spread the word about this awesome game engine.
Link to the project:

Update 15/01/18

We did it! 4 days, 4 guys, each working on his own with a steady and solid pacing, without crunching. And with some sleep on the last week end. Still, it felt almost like a Game Jam and it was amazing. Excitement aside, we only used free assets from the store, plus some other 3D props by platforms which we will link ASAP. We managed to snug in few easter eggs from other projects, such as the spherical bot on the sofa. <3
Cheers to who find the meaning of the radio music!
Meanwhile, those are the ones from the Asset Store.
Update 14/01/18
We mostly completed the scene, managed to define the shaders we needed and also tweak the camera focus through the timeline. Our team split the workload by working on a "base scene" and then focusing on different aspects on 4 copies of it, we will merge everything into a final one at the end. Achieving all of this in 4 days without second party apps (that could still easily break the project) was basically impossible few years ago. Actually, just few months ago.

Update 13/01/18

We finished the room layout and got the props we needed from the store. We are now defining the lightning of the scene while we polish the camera movement. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Update 12/01/18

Defining the scene with some test lighting and assets. We had a lot of fun with the "Crypto will kill you" flyer and working on the subtle smoke for the room.

Update 11/01/18

We've been on a hard crunch time until yesterday, and now we've got only 4 days left! Still, we are enjoying so much the cinemachine and the timeline tools that we are not giving up on this yet! So, here's a props screenshot and a first camera movement done with the dolly cart (so awesome). We started from the concept art used in the webpage cover and started assembling right away.
Andrea Giansanti
Cto - Executive