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About This SoftwareFaceRig is a program enabling anyone with a webcam to digitally embody awesome characters. It is meant to be an open creation platform so everybody can make their own characters, backgrounds or props and import them into FaceRig. (More on )FaceRig is being developed by Holotech Studios and the image-based face tracking SDK being used is provided by ULSee Inc. To find out more about ULSee Inc., visit or email them at Our previous tracking technology was provided by Visage Technologies.FaceRig has three versions:FaceRig Classic is the base version of FaceRig, which allows for home non-profit use and even limited monetization on YouTube/Twitch or similar as long as the commercial aspect of it is not significant. We consider commercially significant using it on any avenue (channel) that produces you more than $500 monthly revenue. This includes ad-based revenue and voluntary donations (one time or recurrent such as a Patreon). If you are under this threshold you can use Classic, if you are above you need to upgrade to Pro or Studio.the FaceRig Pro DLC, which allows you to monetize videos on YouTube/Twitch regardless of the monthly revenue, but not for content exclusive to paid/subscription based services, such as the new YouTube Red (for content that is exclusive to YouTube Red or similar you will need FaceRig Studio).FaceRig Pro does not bring new assets, technical features or improvements to FaceRig Classic. For more details, take a look at the Pro DLC description the Studio Version allows commercial use, as well as access to the expression mo-cap data. For more details about this version visit http://facerig.comWe believe that FaceRig will entertain many gamers, modelling and animation artists, members of various fandoms, streamers, web casters, YouTubers and their audiences.For now we're focusing on just tracking and rendering the portrait with its expressions, but we aim to do more in the future. The FaceRig end goal is to provide a full featured real time digital actor set for home use.Key Features:Real time head and expression tracking in an input video stream, (also with audio analysis).Combining tracked data with additional virtual puppeteering input.On-the-fly animation re-targeting for the tracked data and applying the animation on a user selected 3d model, with audio processing (voice alteration) Rendering and lighting the animated model in real time, in a user selected background.Encoding the rendered video and sending it further as output from a virtual webcam (it basically intercepts webcam input, and swaps the images captured by your real webcam with the fantastic content before sending it further).Provide the interface for tuning the parameters of all operations above.Customizable avatars. To see the complete list on FaceRig avatars including the ones from DLC's please see: creation platform: you can make your own models (outside of FaceRig), import and use them as your avatars. The models need to be created according to a set of published specs.Notes:Numeric export of the tracked expression data (exporting the motion capture data to use in other applications) is a feature reserved for the Studio version.FaceRig Classic and Pro only output already rendered video and audio.FaceRig is an indie initiative, and its development so far has been successfully crowd-funded through Indiegogo. A warm thank you goes to our amazing backers for their support and enthusiasm.You can find the EULA here: d859598525 Title: FaceRigGenre: Animation & Modeling, Video ProductionDeveloper:Holotech StudiosPublisher:Holotech StudiosRelease Date: 7 Jul, 2015 FaceRig Apk Download facerig body tracking. facerig studio personal crack. facerig unblocked. facerig import. facerig app. facerig download baixaki. facerig driver download. facerig obs lag. facerig trackid=sp-006. facerig online free play. facerig dragon. facerig download za darmo. facerig hacked apk. facerig mac torrent. facerig app torrent. facerig 2019. facerig software download free. facerig keygen. facerig full crack. facerig studio torrent. facerig models download. facerig crack fr. facerig wolf. facerig 149 mod apk. facerig custom avatars. facerig unlock all apk. facerig ios full. facerig karaoke files. facerig cracked torrent. facerig live2d torrent. facerig pewdiepie. facerig mod free download. facerig pc torrent. free face rig maya. facerig 2d models. facerig beta download. facerig pro. facerig high cpu. facerig free softonic. telecharger facerig facerig download free apk. facerig unreal engine 4. facerig full programlar. facerig zbrush. facerig studio. facerig example avatar. facerig demo. facerig bear. facerig green screen obs. facerig mac. facerig vs facerig pro. facerig model importer download. facerig github. baixar facerig free. tải facerig free. facerig free download mega. facerig download kuyhaa. zbrush face rig. facerig download mac. facerig free download utorrent. facerig za free. facerig download android apk. facerig virtual camera download. facerig hand movement. facerig 3ds max plugin. facerig live2d download crack. facerig 102 mod. facerig download free no steam. facerig vtuber. facerig for iphone. facerig obs. facerig on steam. facerig with glasses. facerig live2d module. facerig crack pc. error 0xc00007b facerig. facerig iphone 自作. facerig free no torrent. facerig for streaming. facerig download demo. facerig anime download. facerig windows xp. facerig kickass. facerig pro 1.957 crack. facerig unity. facerig zombie. steam facerig free. facerig free windows. facerig google play. descargar facerig full gratis. facerig not launching. facerig latest full. facerig latest version. facerig free download torrent. facerig crack mac. facerig avatars download