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Published 20 days ago
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I'm interested in forming a team to develop a 2D App for iOS App Store to sell with $0.99 - $8.35 and for those of you that understand what organization is and are able to join to be creative these is your chance to be original and use your imagination to be a part of a international social movement you should start now.
After a year of experience as a new certified unity developer and basic research regarding the IT Industry and how virtual reality is influencing our daily life's I reached the next conclusion that maybe will also help you to understand the fact that if you see a result you will be efficient in your work process therefore it's useful to save your data.
No matter who you are or what do you consider Unity allows you to do in fact the reality is another one that actually will guide you far from the center of the trough as long as you don't focus on your code.
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Marian Alexandru
Programmer - Designer