F18 Jet Fighter Security Squad
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It’s time to become a part of security squad as an F18 Jet fighter airplane pilot to secure a cargo plane. Save the cargo airplane from an air attack of the terrorist in a new 3D airplane simulator game F18 Jet Fighter Security Squad. Help the pro pilot to fly the cargo airplanes safely to the destination without getting shot, bombed or destroyed. Cargo transportation is for relief or some other cause you have taken up the duty of security of this cargo airplane. Ensure the safety of your cargo Fly F18 jet fighter airplane high into the skies to reach destinations safely. Luggage has been packed for transport and loaded with all heavy machinery and vehicles. Once the luggage has been loaded by the airport cargo truck into the cargo aircraft for a safe flight, sit inside the f18 fighter jet cockpit and take off from city airport. Fly over the blue water and travel to different countries to transport cargo safely. Prepare for the real experience of flying / air strike jet fighter games over military secret islands and beautiful ocean. Become a military skilled fighter Pilot selected for security mission. The most advanced simulation of fighter airplanes.

Cargo Airplane rescue is quite a unique concept among airplane simulator games on play store. There’s been an emergency alert for a cargo plane attack. Fly high along with the cargo plane to rescue it from getting shot by the terrorist forces. The luggage needs to be transported to another base securely. Takeoff from the jet aircraft carrier, carry out the Air Strike, dogfight air battle and get back to your destination airbase for landing your airplane on aircraft carrier. Luggage security is in your hands now. Guide and steer your airplane through all the obstacles, rockets, air attack, radars and SAM missiles to ensure you head to the correct destination, go through all of the waypoints and land at your destination airport/ aircraft carrier within the time limit to earn pride for your country. Be very careful to avoid the enemy jets, helicopters, rockets, anti aircraft gunshots etc on the radar map. As an F18 fighter jet aircraft pilot, enjoy the fight between terrorist fighter airplanes. Military Freight handling and Arms transportation is a responsible task in this F18 Jet Fighter Security Squad cargo transport simulator. Security of Army Cargo transportation is your duty so fulfill your job as a fighter pilot. The objective of the game is all about transporting cargo safely without getting anything damaged.

F18 Jet Fighter Security Squad features:
√ Real feel of flying Airplane in this Flight Simulator 3D
√ Smooth Handling, Lifting and Driving Controls
√ Thrill of flying Plane high in the Skies
√ Real-time Physics Controls of flying F18 fighter jet
√ Military jet exclusive aviation missions
√ 3rd person and cockpit controller view flight simulator
√ Intensified blend on flight simulation and air combat
√ Real world simulation with weather forecast and realistic clouds
√ Realistic 3D cockpits

Accept the air strike challenge, carry out the most dangerous missions and reach the flight deck successfully. If you love combat flight simulator airplane games, this one is perfect for you. Enjoy endless hours fun!
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