F.R.E.D or Friendly Reminder Every Day (yeah, not so grammatically correct) is a gamified health care application that lets users track their fitness level by taking care of a virtual pet. This concept borrows from various sources, taking the dominantly fitness-focused core of the app and adding gamified elements of taking care of pets to boost the reminder.

Stage 1: Sign Up
There are several parts that need to be considered when asking for the users' basic information. In this stage, we are going to collect a few details, then we divided it into three parts just to make it focused.
Part 1 is asking for basic details such as the users' name (First and Last), age, and gender.
Part 2 is asking about the users' needs for what kind of pet they want to take care of and to name the pet to make it more personal.
Part 3 is asking about the users' physical conditions such as height and weight.
Additionally, in Part 3 of the Sign-Up stage, we also check if the user is part of a subscription package with included devices that would help track physical conditions.

Stage 2: Sign In
The process to sign in to the account is much simpler. When the users' account has been verified they can sign in with the email address and password that they originally set.
They also have a choice of connecting their account into various social media and use that to sign in. Some of the examples that are provided in the mockup image above are Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Although, unfortunately, Google Plus is no longer supported.

Stage 3: Activity Tracking
The basic concept is that the virtual pet is the users' mirror digital self. The only way to take care of the pet is by taking care of yourself. This is done through several "activity" driven actions.
The virtual pet, similar to a real pet, requires attention, love, and care. The inspiration came from one of our co-founders learning that users who are over the age of sixty tend to pour love and affection to their pets. They are at an age where their kids are adults and there is no one else to take care of besides a real-life pet.
The virtual pet needs to eat. In order to give it something scrumptious to consume, the user must log a meal. There are multiple times during the day where a user can log a meal, such as breakfast, snack time, tea time, lunch, dinner, and many more. In order to maintain a healthier lifestyle, users must have a balanced diet.
When meals are logged, a food icon will appear in the app which the user can tap to give to their virtual pet.
The virtual pet needs to be able to sleep. Before passing out of exhaustion, the pet itself needs to be able to rest as well as recover. Users can log their time by setting a sleep cycle. The app along with external devices such as a FitBit, can track sleep cycles really well. A good nights rest is converted into energy that the virtual pet can use
The virtual pet needs exercise. There is a built-in step counter that tracks the users' exercise throughout the day. This part is essential because even a small activity like walking will add so much to the overall experience of taking care of the pet.
Other and more intense exercises can also be logged upon the users' input or via the apps recommended exercises.
Mark Christian Calugay
Game Designer - Designer