EZMultiPlayer Editor Tool

Making the multiplayer creation process

simple | efficient | awesome

Drag and drop a game object you wish to use and you are ready.
If you don't have one. EZM will create a default one for you to play with.
The Editor Tools Process
  • Drop in any type of Game Object
  • Set Local & Server Authorities
  • Select Network Behaviours
  • Generate The Module
  • Play Your Game!
What Happens Under The Hood?
  • Sets up Network Identities
  • Assigns Network Transforms
  • Attaches Selected Network Behaviours
  • Auto Detects Components Already in Use
  • Detects & Syncs Everything You Need Quickly
( Custom Folders, Scripts, Character Controllers, Rigidbodies, Animations, Animators )
After creating the objects you can either set aside the tool for another time.
Or open a 'Module Viewer' for quick 'target' access to all the important things in your project.
There is no code dependency carried over in using the tool.
You can create custom directories and add custom network behaviours as normal.
EZM will make them available to use instantly.
EZMultiPlayer has released to the asset store
Come and Join the Community @ the EZMForum
Ill be adding content to the EZM Website as it comes available
the upcoming release includes a in depth video tutorial.
keep an eye out for EZM code templates as they come available for use or create your own.
As requested by users, we are also integrating with the popular Invector controller template. You can see the alpha vid here. EZM w Invector asset much more to come.
Justin Markwell
Software Engineer - Owner