Extreme City Cargo Transport
Drive your 4x4 with style and drop of the cargo at different location. Different companies require your cargo taxi services; don’t let them down. Drop a vending machine at a motel. Drop the hazard cones at a construction site. Drop off empty oil barrels at oil fields. The environment of extreme city cargo transporting game is setup in a modern city, where different customers need different services. Don’t go off-road in this real cargo dropping game else the cargo will fall and you will fail the level. To complete the level follow the game rules and traffic rules and you will be known as the extreme cargo transporter. The modern city has multi-story buildings and science labs with beautiful trees and gardens; it also has different motels and housing societies. There is a population of 400,000 and the city is well crowded, so protect your cargo from collision or falling down. On dropping the cargo you will lose the mission and the customer will not be happy. Don’t speed in the city it is against the traffic laws. Drifting is strictly prohibited in the city else you will go to jail. This truck is well equipped to carry heavy cargo without the engine breaking. You have to prove your worth in this modern city to be the best driver the town has seen. Game features - Modern control system - Car damage system - Different cargos - New and modern built city - Parking Zones - Great UI - Guidance system - RPM and MPH meters How to Play - Start your engine - Locate the pickup zone - Go-to pick up zone - Pick the cargo - Go to drop zone - Don’t let the cargo fall - Drop the cargo - Finish the level
VR Game Developer - Programmer
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