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About This GameExecutive Assault is an indie real-time strategy/first-person shooter where you can not only build your base and create armies, but also take control of your units and fight as one of them. RTS modeAs the CEO put in charge of taking over the planet, it is your job to build large base complexes containing all the facilities you need, construct factories to produce robotic troops, research high technology to give you an edge over the competition and of course direct your army to annihilate the opposing company. Each facility is designed to snap easily together to create a seamless complex, which can then be upgraded with defence turrets, doors, forcefields and many other exciting technologies to help defend you from attack. As well as building your base, you will also need to control your armies to attack, defend and conquer new ground using high tech weaponry and cunning strategies to defeat your opponent. From nimble robots who are the backbone to your army, to heavy tanks and walkers to crush all who oppose you. Along side your troops you will have access to long range artillery and missiles to take out unsuspecting units from afar. Scattered across the map are various resources to help you improve and build your operation, from Thorium crystals to help boost power, to random meteorite impacts to give you rare resources for constructing the most powerful of units. FPS ModeHave you ever played your favourite RTS game and wished you were down there with your troops? In Executive Assault you can be! Take control of any of your units from down on the ground as a robot or tank, or take to the skies and bomb from your fighter jets or huge shielded hover cruisers, it’s completely up to you! Unlike most RTS games with FPS elements, in Executive Assault you will be able to enter the buildings that have been constructed and fight from inside, adding a whole new dimension to the RTS genre. Be down there in your robot factory defending it from the oncoming hordes, or assault the opposing power station by breaking in and sabotaging their power grid. Each unit in Executive Assault can be designed and customised to meet the needs of the battle. So if you find you’re being attacked by heavy walkers, then counter with heavy beam lasers to slice them down to size. Or if you find hordes of little bots are your problem, then upgrade your turrets with machine guns to rip them to shreds. In Executive Assault the decision is yours. FeaturesCommand armies and build bases from above. Take control of tanks, robots and aircraft to fully immerse yourself in the combat. Multiplayer, as there’s nothing more satisfying than blowing up your friends with cruise missiles.Co-op multiplayer game play where you can build a base in RTS and your friends can play as your robots in a pure FPS mode.Design and construct bases which you can then walk and fight inside. Control doors, turrets, alarms and forcefields to defend against attack. An extensive technology tree featuring over 140 technologies ranging from lasers to Quantum Gateways.Sneak into the enemy base and detonate their power station. b4d347fde0 Title: Executive AssaultGenre: Action, StrategyDeveloper:Hesketh Studios LtdPublisher:Hesketh Studios LtdRelease Date: 17 Jul, 2015 Executive Assault Free Download [Xforce] executive assault 2 price. executive assault how to hack. executive assault 2 engine. executive assault 2 stuck on please wait. executive assault ai difficulty. executive assault multiplayer. executive assault g2a. executive assault 2 lan. executive assault 2 review. executive assault trainer. executive assault how to use hackerbot. executive assault tips. executive assault steam. executive assault coop land. executive assault pc game. executive assault 2 won't start. executive assault 2 wiki. executive assault 2 discord. executive assault 2 battle power mode. executive assault 2 cheat engine. executive assault how to play. executive assault wiki. executive assault energy barrier. executive assault mods. executive assault 2 mining outpost. executive assault 2 monolith. executive assault direct control. executive assault 2 youtube. executive assault particle beam. executive assault hackerbot. executive assault guide. executive assault tech tree. executive assault 2 repair station. executive assault key. executive assault 2 assembly. executive assault review. executive assault soundtrack. executive assault 2 forum. executive assault 2 let's play. executive assault читы. executive assault 2 mrantifun. executive assault forcefield. executive assault cheat engine. executive assault 2 fps. executive assault hack bot. executive assault 2 units Was hoping it would grow into a decent game. Writing a review as annoyed the developer has walked away from this utterly unfinished project to start exec assault 2. I will be boycotting exec assault 2 as a result, until this actually becomes a game. Either way this is a copy of battlezone, from over a decade ago; a copy that is done soso. its not 'innovative' its a copy. Played this for 4-5 hours, unsure why steam does not log offline time. I’m not here to provide Valve online metrics, but play games that I own.. Woah... wait... you dont have this game?! well what are you waiting for?P.S. get it on sale ;)