Exchanging knowledge while learning art/programming
Hello I'm new to unity and programming since about four days. I have followed some tutorials on C# but I find the lisping commentary and poor explanation of some of the concepts very disturbing. There are only so many hours you're able to listen to and try to understand it. I understand the basics but I have found that both people creating tutorials and posting replies to your inquires take some stuff for granted. They've been too long in the bubble so to speak or they simply redirect you to old dead threads or documentation which is poorly explained or again take for granted that you understand their lingo. I would hate to throw in the towel after four days but it is frustrating to study anything this way.

Is there any programmer out there who would want to exchange knowledge? You help me understand C# and I could help you understand how to create assets in zbrush or blender for games or how to paint and draw or whatever it is that you would like to know more about. We could chat over discord or any chat app of your choice and help each other out.

Here are some 2 year old examples of what I can do, you give me C# I give you better understanding of whatever artsy thing you need to better understand. I could create assets for you too.