EXcape LabyRinth
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Cooperative XR labyrinth game.
This is a cooperative game, in which you have to get out of a labyrinth, filled with enemy robots. It use Daydream (google vr) and ARCore. It is appear in Daydream store, which mean it meets all of the Daydream App Quality criteria.
IMPORTANT! the game only works through WiFi, and both players have to be on the same WiFi network (or direct routing has to be set up between the networks). The game does not work through cellular data or if the players are in different WiFi networks with no routing between them. One of players is a prisoner, who play in virtual reality (VR) mode, and the other one is a hacker, who plays in normal mobile mode or augmented reality (AR) mode.
The prisoner has to escape the labyrinth within the time limit, while avoiding enemy robots, and following the instructions of their partner. The game requires Cardboard or Daydream and thier assosiated services to play in VR mode. The game can be played while standing. But you can play with Daydream while sitting too.
The hacker sees the timer, the health of the prisoner, the map of the labyrinth and whether the selected robot is active or not. The hacker has the ability to shut down a robot for a short time, but this ability has a 30 second cooldown. The software needs access to the camera of the phone in order to function properly in AR mode. But you can play without AR now.
The enemy robots will attempt to attack the prisoner, and if they notice them, they will recharge significantly faster. However, if the hacker disables the robot, it will forget that it ever saw the prisoner.
The Meeting Room is more interesting feature than fun. There is an empty room, where the two players can meet with each other. It requires all of VR and AR requirement. This feature is currently in beta.
Zsolt Sziráczki
Programmer - Programmer
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