Evincive Mark
Play here (NOTE: This game was built using the old Unity web player and the link must be opened in Internet Explorer for the web player to work)
This game is a turn based strategy game taking place in a fictional world that will require players to play on a grid based map and complete objectives. This project was a prototype for my senior project in college. I had designed, coded the game myself.


Game Flow
- When the user wishes to move a character they must make the choice of planning the best path that their unit should take by placing out the movement path they should take with movement markers
- The player takes their turn then when they have finished with all their moves then it will switch to the enemy’s turn and when that turn is over then it will come back to the player’s turn.
- A player’s turn can consist of moving characters, and battling when the player can and the enemies are within range
Battle System
- The user must place characters within the attack range of enemies to attack them and then they must choose the attack command.
- Once in the battle area the user has the option of increasing their battling character’s attack power or accuracy by mashing the confirm button. The user also has the option of just dealing an attack without any enhancements to the power or accuracy stat.
- There are basic arrow controls or WASD for movement on the map and on the menus
- A confirm button, cancel button and undo button when making movement path (The number 1, 2, 3 or j, k, l)
Richard Chen
Video Game Developer - Programmer