Evilibrium: Soul Hunters
Published a year ago
«Evilibrium: Soul Hunters» is an original dark style RPG with collectible card elements.
Many say we are a copy of the Darkest Dungeon but are cars copies of each other because they have 4 wheels and a steering one? :-) We decided to put an introduction to the game here for you, players, to judge...

Souls of living beings are real and material enough to be used a source of energy… The moment that fact discovered by Viktor Frankenstein had been made public, the World changed. Human soul lost the divinity of its origin and became merchandise… very pricy, hard to get but still merchandise.
The first ones to reap the “fruits” of this discovery were the richest families of Europe who owned numerous plants and factories. Steam engines sank into oblivion having been replaced by soul-reactors, all machinery now worked on the energy of myriads and myriads of captured souls. Combustion engine remained just a blueprint, an invention that no one needed because ships, planes and even automobiles were equipped with soul-reactors. The genius of Nikola Tesla created a beam weapon of terrifying power that also used the energy of captured souls. The lesser versions of it replaced rifles and machine-guns in the infantry of those countries whose governments could afford to pay for it. Business tycoons, the Industrial Alliance, gladly accepted partial barter and the poorer countries paid in souls, massively slaughtering beggars, homeless and even common folk.
Strange abnormalities and weird creatures that appeared in such countries attracted Frankenstein’s attention. Having studied the situation Viktor came to a conclusion that the massacres happening in a single geographical point lead to rifts in the very matter of our World opening portals to outer worlds and dimensions. Creatures born under different skies entered our World through such rifts. Some of such creatures were so alien and hostile to our World that they terrorized nearby territories.
This could not bypass the attention of Church. Vatican joined forces with other religions and created the Council of Faith and its Holy Army. They exterminated alien creatures with fire and sword and closed the rifts with the proper prayers and rituals. The Council gladly granted protection to numerous territories levying duties on them and eradicating any heresy, be it science or occult movements.
Representatives of the latter formed a whole cast of specialists who used souls for their hideous experiments. They called themselves the Temple of Mankind advocating protection of humanity against the creatures from outer worlds. Adepts of the Temple were greatly interested in souls from the rifts but did not shun the ones from our World at all. Their deeds were not always malicious, they often put the soul energy to cure and protect people, doing it in a manner of mages from fairytales. Many lands that did not wish to comply with the tyranny of the Alliance or dictatorship of the Council asked protection of the Temple.
It was not long until the whole of Europe had been divided between those three powerful groups: the Industrial Alliance, the Council of Faith and the Temple of Mankind. The New World and other parts of the planet soon felt their heavy steps.
The three constantly plotted intrigues on the opponents that sometimes even resulted in wars between dependent countries. However, inside every group there was a clear understanding of the necessity to study the nature of a soul, its metaphysic attributes, options of use in our or other worlds. Each faction was successful in something of its own:
The Industrial Alliance, seeing souls as an enormous source of energy, concentrated on extracting from them the maximum of kilo Joules and putting them to use in different devices. The subservient territories made a significant technological jump – soul reactors made possible the electrification of cities, electric automobiles, zeppelins, beam weapons and other benefits of technological progress. However, the fact that there is no life after death, made the rich live the full life here and now and the poor be ready to do anything to get richer. Morality was in decay and separation of society became more and more visible.
The Council of Faith defied the fact that souls are not divine because no one was able to create new ones. Recognizing the energetic value of a soul they studied own souls thoroughly as well as the use of the latter without separating from body. Soldiers of the Holy Army were able to put energy of own souls into weapons and armor they wore significantly improving their attributes. However, defying the fact that a soul can be extracted from a body or be separated from it lead to limited use. The warrior's soul energy could be placed only into specially crafted weaponry that had to be in contact with his/her body. This was the main reason for not having ranged weapons powered by souls in the Holy Army but in a melee combat they knew no match.
The adepts of the Temple of Mankind were not really concerned if souls were divine or not and how much energy it could exactly produce. They were occupied with splitting souls into pieces, relocating and even mixing souls. Split souls were used to create “magic” amulets and talismans for themselves or for sale. By relocating whole or mixed souls from a human and vise versa the Temple created different monsters, which they used as cannon fodder in conflicts. Those creatures were fierce and merciless to anyone who happened to be near including some unlucky creators.
In the chaos of wars and under-carpet diplomacy the three major clans did not wish to communicate openly in any manner a unique group of adventurers who became mediators and sometimes assistants had been formed. They neither supported any of the major factions nor opposed them, they did not claim any territories or strive for power. They simply fulfilled orders for soul delivery from any side without asking questions. The amount of such specialists eager for adventures and money grew and resulted in the creation of organized structure – the Brotherhood of Hunters.
Their skills were put into a system, passed from one to another and improved with every generation. Frequent necessity to catch and deliver a substantial amount of souls lead to development of special compact traps that visually resembled playing cards, the means of crafting which were kept in a severest secret. No one knows when and how but Hunters developed a unique skill – mental control over captured souls. Some say that the skill is genetic which meant that not everyone could become a Hunter. The higher the skill level the more creatures such a person could control.
The Hunters, invisible in the crowd but commanding pocket armies, eager for wealth or adventures, ready to dash into any dangerous place in any world or dimension…
Roman Kovrigin
mr - Programmer