EverEmber Reborn
A Multiplayer Online Open World Sandbox Battle Arena Role Playing Game
Description: The game takes place in the world of EverEmber, a fantasy world where you have no limits, only your skill and other players to either aid or hinder you on your journey. The game is a first person open world pvp game, with progression aspects taken from agar and slither. The world is not too huge, and because of that players will constantly fight and die, dropping their obtained gear and forcing to restart. The combat is skill based, with many places to explore. The best aspects from Runescape, Ultima, Mortal online, and the Elder Scrolls games are taken and incorporated. Everyone has their own adventure, it’s your choice how it starts and ends. EverEmber Reborn is a sequel to the game EverEmber Online (check it out at They are very different in their concept and execution, but the fantasy elements and ideas are brought over from its predecessor. We have been developing EverEmber online for over 4 years, but it’s time we move on. We have also worked on various private server projects, so the developmental process is nothing new for us. Team: We currently have a small development team, 5 main developers, myself, Ozfer (server host, developer, IT tech), Juiceyz (Lead Programmer), Willjarhead (Game Developer and Modeler) Rex (Game Developer, Music composer). We also have a musician assisting us (Davide Severi) with our soundtrack and a concept and concept artist (Akram). What we're looking for: What we need are programmers, networking specialists, artists, and developers to assist us in the games creation. We plan on kick starting it once we have a basic pre alpha to display what our game is capable of. We are low on funding, and need to purchase assets to work with, prototype, etc.… We plan on compensating everyone who works with us by using a revenue share, depending on the amount of work done, everyone shall receive fair compensation upon funding and release. Requirements: -Experience with Unity and its technology -Interest in the games concept -Ability to do one of the things listed in our needs, either C# unity programming, mapping and game development, 3D, texture or various GUI art abilities. -Time to dedicate to the game, we don’t have a constraint but a few hours every couple of days will suffice. -Be able to communicate in English, as all of our team speaks English either fluently or well. -Have a method through which we could pay you eventually. If you are interested, please do contact us via or message me here on unity forums with what you can do for us, why we interest you, and whatever questions or comments you have. Feel free to join our website if you cannot help us in development, but instead can assist us by playing the game upon release or testing it! See you in the land of EverEmber.
Lead Project Developer - Executive