Eulogies of Heroes
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Xbox One; PlayStation 4; Windows; Linux; Mac; Nintendo Switch
A turn-based RPG set in an apocalyptic wasteland.

What is “Eulogies of Heroes”?

Before we get into the big stuff, I’ll give you a short summary of what this game is all about!
Eulogies of Heroes is:
  • a turn based JRPG
  • set in a near apocalyptic world
  • build with Unity3D
  • inspired by Super Mario RPG, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Gravity Rush
  • targetted for PS4, Xbox One and PC (and if possible, Nintendo Switch as well)
What makes Eulogies of Heroes different from other JRPG’s is:
  • The choice-driven stat progression
  • You learn new moves by using your weapons in combat
  • You can infuse your weapons with energy cores to enhance their stats
  • Each character has it’s own mechanics (more information under “Gameplay”)
  • Tons of hidden collectibles, secrets and easter eggs!
Now that you know a little about the game, let’s dive in to the more detailed stuff!


Eulogies of Heroes takes place in a near-apocalyptic world where machines have destroyed most of civilization. You follow the story of a young woman named Valéria Silva, which lives in a small mining vilage. this vilage is often being attacked by machines, which take their earnings from the mines. One day she decides it's time to fight back.
Eulogies of Heroes has a choice driven stat-progression system, in which YOU can decide what your character focusses on. By unlocking nodes, you increase stats, learn passive abilities and unlock special abilities! If you unlock all nodes within a group, you even get a special reward!
Eulogies of Heroes’ battle system is a combination between traditional turn-based battle systems and MMORPG’s class systems. Each character has it’s own special abilities! Special abilities cost SP, which is regenerated by dealing and receiving damage. Each character also has it’s own mechanic, which helps them fulfill their role in battle. From charging an “Overdrive” ability, which allows you to create an almost endless combo on a single enemy, to increasing your magic attack by using a physical attack and vice versa, each character has it’s very own way to create havoc on the battlefield!
You can check out one of these Overdrive abilities in the video below. The ability is called: "Shock and Awe". The animation is made by a programmer, so please don't be to harsh on it :) Shock and Awe


Raids are big scale battles in which your team gets split up in different groups. These groups each have their own assignment to fullfill to make the mission a success. You can create these groups yourself or you can decide to take the recommended groups for the task. Once you started the raid, you can control 1 of the teams. There are terminals around the dungeon which will let you switch team. If you want to complete the dungeon, you will need to solve several puzzles involving all teams out in the battlefield.
This might still be a little vague for you, so allow me to explain it by using an example. Your mission is to defeat the ruler of a neighboring village. He lives in a castle up the hill with big walls and guards everywhere. You split up in 3 teams, team A, B and C. Team A will sneak up the wall and open the gates for team B and team C. team B rushes in and distracts the guards while team C waits for a short while and then rushes towards the throne room. while team B is fightning of the guards, team C takes out the evil ruler. After that team B and C retreat and team A closes the gate right behind them.

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Rob Heek
Student - Programmer
Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Xbox One; PlayStation 4; Windows; Linux; Mac; Nintendo Switch