Ether Legacy: Icon
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Ether Legacy: Icon follows your player character, Cadet Lang, on his first combat mission for the Nation of New Athera. You will guide Lang in real-time combat using melee attacks and powerful Combo Sequences that end with devastating Finishers. Tag in party members to perform unique finishers to adapt your attacks to changing situations and enemy types. Define how party members behave in battle, and use the skill tree progression system to unlock new abilities.
Ether Legacy: Icon will feature a fighting game like mechanics. You will have Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks which can be sequenced together in order to execute devastating finishers. If you have a party member nearby, you'll be able to engage in tag ins which allow you to tag in a party member at the end of your combo, to do their own combo, increasing the damage output for as long as you stream combos together.
The story of Ether Legacy: Icon, starts off in New Athera, a technologically advanced nation who mixes technology and magic like substance called Ether, to create destructive weapons of war. Here's a short monologue!
“This is a universe where the laws of physics allow the study and usage of grand cosmic forces, for both mundane and militaristic endeavors. Those fundamental forces lead to both prosperity, and war. In pursuit of powers both old and new, lost and emerging, New Athera thrives. They've ascended beyond archaic power sources, and maintain the most powerful military in the world. Adjacent to both the vanished civilization of Trine and the aggressive country of Valadan, New Athera must use their might to obtain unity and peace through power. This power is called, Ether.”
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