Eternal Legend
Updated a year ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux
A stylish, creative, and funny metroidvania in progress - "The happy version of Hollow Knight"
Eternal Legend is a creative role-playing 2-dimensional game with platforming and fighting that spans through an intriguing story taking place on multiple worlds. It is VERY different from the other metroidvania games because it is made by only me and is a very genuine expression of myself. What is most special about this game is that (unlike the majority of games) it goes all out with acting dumb and silly. The game's goofy nature appears most prominently in the way the game's characters speak. The combat and gameplay starts out extremely simple, but gets more complex and difficult as you obtain more items to utilize. Players of this game should appreciate it as a unique and playful piece of art as well as a fun activity.
Gilead Anza Cosman
Gilead Cosman - Programmer
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Windows; Mac; Linux