Eternal Flame
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac
A great evil has crept into your land slowly destroying a once great temple. it is up to you as the player to vanquish all that wish to destroy you.
Player is given the objective to destroy enemies and collect their souls. once your task is completed you are given the key to move on the the next level.
Working with unity as a beginner I completed an entire level learning the many steps involved in creating it. The programing aspect was extremely interesting and exciting. To be able to bring my level to life for the player was something i've always wanted to work towards. My focus was the animation, scripting, and level design for my game, the art assets are from the unity store. Building this world has given me new skills and ideas to delve into the life of a game artist. I hope to continue programing and involve my art skills in a new game/level.
Taylor volek
Game Artist / Student - Designer
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Windows; Mac