Essence of Illumination
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Windows; Oculus Rift; HTC Vive; Other VR
In this first episode is a mystical immersive experience that this relaxing, mesmerizing, and an exciting underwater experience, you will explore an ancient world of a lost civilization with a Goddess who’s light and magic gives you the power to clears the dark matter that destroyed the civilization long ago. Bring back the fairies, unlock the hidden gate through an ancient artifact and explore one of the best VR environments available today.

The multi-episode story unfolds as a mysterious portal that beckons exploration, the player is transformed by epiphanies and wisdom of a higher reality and forces yet understood. The player ultimately comes face to face with their higher destiny, initiated by unseen forces and ancient technology into mind-altering spaces, transported into different worlds, and challenged with saving the mysterious and powerful civilization from itself before the destruction.

This is a visually captivating game for the whole family, with gameplay that is fun and achievable by everyone. This is just the beginning of the journey, with more episodes.
The game was #1 in "Best of Mixed Reality" on the Microsoft Store for 2-months! We have already started working on the next episodes, and the roadmap ahead is sure to be an exciting series that pushes the limits technologies.
WE ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR ARTISTS & DEVELOPERS to join us on this fantastic project and to work with people that have been pioneering 3D for decades, and who like to push the limits. The game has been released on the Microsoft Store, but we are adding more before publishing to other stores and that is where we need you!
Luminous4D, LLC
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Windows; Oculus Rift; HTC Vive; Other VR