Escapes - An Endless Game Cruising through Shapes [BETA TESTING - Link in Description]
Updated 6 months ago
In development
A Never Ending Glow game with 3.5 million+ unique Puzzling shapes to Escape
It’s a Casual Arcade Game with Puzzling shapes struggling to survive the barriers and need your Help to to fit and match the barrier
Swipe the screen to match the angle of the barrier to the angle of the shape to score
Move smartly and Swiftly to match the shape to the barrier
Achieve the zen mode to win Gold
Survive the Maximum Barriers to place yourself as a "Titan" in the Global Leaderboard

Website link: Beta link:

- 3.5 million unique shapes to Escape
- Gain Play store xp points with 16 Achievements
- Puzzling Shapes
- Glowing Shapes
- Geometric and Abstract shapes
- Trick shapes to match
- Stimulates your brain for shape recognition and speed action
- Heal your damages with the "Ambulance" service
- All black theme
- Infinite Play time
- Unique "record" and "rewind" feature for Aesthetics
- Endless "Survival" game
- The Hardest Casual Game
- The Toughest to Match your think rate to survive
- Hack down the speed and Pirate the shape with "Snail" Power Up
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