Escape from Cyberspace
Escape from Cyberspace is a first person shooter created in Unity. This projects began as a final project for the Game Technologies course at Moorpark College but progress is still being made today. The original project was a collaborative effort between myself, the programmer, and a good friend and classmate, Brandon Gonzales, as the artist. The enemy AI was the biggest Challenge for me. I used Unity's Navmeshagent and animation controller with stock humanoid animations in a home brew state machine for the end product. All the projectiles move through physics space via the Rigidbody Class. This granted the bouncy projectiles which I embraced. The LED ammo indicator was added well after the final project was turned in. The enemy death was the key feature of the original concept and as is apparent, there were several iterations on this feature. I felt that the explosion was the most satisfying.
Christopher Tutor
Programmer - Designer